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Monica Peters Medina

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Breaking News: Monica Peters Medina to Cover Barack Obama and President of Sengal in Chicago

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HANCOCK Movie Review: Good Film… Sequel Should be in Order

By Monica Peters Medina

Starring: Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron

Directed by Peter Berg

I attended the advanced private screening of Hancock tonight (Monday June 23). I know what you’re thinking: Will Smith in another science fiction movie— another “Men in Black” type deal. But, Big Willie has outdone himself with another summer blockbuster hit in the new action pack humorous superhero flick, “Hancock.” This is not a typical science fiction movie. The film has a solid plot that will leave moviegoers anticipating a Hancock sequel. Will Smith’s character “Hancock” is not your average superhero flaunting his arrogant care-free attitude with a bottle of liquor as his constant companion of choice to ease his pain of loneliness. He is a recluse who lives in isolation in the hills wondering about his past and why he has no family. Hancock doesn’t even have a clue as to how he inherited his powers. His character is timeless and ageless and adapts to whatever era or century that he exists. The movie starts with non-stop action and laughs as Hancock is the unofficial hero of Los Angeles that comes to save the day and stop potential tragedies and crimes in progress—much to the chagrin of the Los Angeles police department who often look bad and inadequate. His reckless but well intentioned heroics costs the city millions of dollars as the collateral property damage Hancock often leaves behind is enormous. Hancock’s mysterious presence is met with bittersweet reaction as folks either love him or hate him. The fact that Hancock refuses to talk to the press and prefers to hang out in bars doesn’t help.

However, this is only a portion of the story line. The film takes unexpected twists and turns which pushes it into the realm of a bona-fide science fiction film with credibility. Hancock’s chance meeting with business executive Ray Embrey played by Jasonn Bateman unknowingly sets him on the path to discovering his past and origin of his powers. Hancock accidentally finds his soul mate–literally through his chance meeting with Ray and that is where things get VERY interesting. Besides revamping Hancock’s public image and convincing him to do some time in prison for some of his misdeeds, Ray saves Hancock’s life in more ways than one. Ray’s wife played by Charlize Theron is less than thrilled by Hancock’s presence in her husband’s life. Let’s just say you never know where your true soul mate is hiding or even if they are standing right in front of you! I’ll stop here because you’ll be too mad if I give away the film.

Let’s just say a well anticipated Hancock sequel is in order.

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Monica Peters Medina

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Monica Peters Medina Hits the “Catwalk”: Best-selling author Deborah Gregory Does Book Release Party in FABULOUS STYLE

Monica Peters Medina

Best-selling author Deborah Gregory, author of the best-selling series Cheetah Girls has done it again with her newest book release “Catwalk.” The “Catwalk” book release party held in NYC at the FashionOpolis Lounge was nothing short of spectacular and FABULOUS– done in Deborah’s true purrrfect style with models, cat costumes, growl-icious goodies and awesome accessory giveaways. The fashion styles and costumes of friends, supporters, and party goers absolutely rocked.

Celebrities on hand to celebrate the event with Deborah were model Melvin Van Peebles, Beverly Johnson, actress Lynn Whitfield, author Terry McMillan, model Veronica Webb and many more.

Catwalk is about four friends who attend a fashion high school and vie for entry into the Catwalk competition which includes winning college scholarships and modeling contracts. Wake and smell the catnip. Deborah Gregory’s Catwalk just hit bookstores nationwide this week.

Photo: Melvin Van Peebles (l), Deborah Gregory (m) and Monica Peters Medina (r)

*Photo gallery of the event will be posted on soon.

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Monica Peters Medina

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Monica Returns from the United Nations, AIDS High Level Meeting, NYC

African Nations Speak Out

New York, NY: Monica Peters Medina returned from the United Nations High Level Meeting on AIDS in NYC. The three day conference brought in nations from around the world addressing the UN Chair on AIDS issues, universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment, gender equality and more.

Many countries were in attendance with a heavy presence of African nations discussing the need for civilian involvement when planning for AIDS treatment and alloting financial resources to nations hit hardest by the epidemic. Many nations addressed government corruption and human rights violations as a barrier to slowing down the growing AIDS crisis. A Namibian representative made her demand very clear when addressing the UN Chair and board: Put human rights stipulations as a condition on monies given to governments to ensure funds are used properly.

Zambian officials raised the question of why African leaders are not included on international AIDS committees. There were also many HIV positive African women in attendance who spoke on the floor addressing gender inequality and how African women with AIDS are treated in their countries. One Namibian woman stated that marriage is a death sentence for many African women as they do not have the right to refuse sex with their husbands despite their infidelities and becoming re-infected with the HIV virus.

**Next Stop for Monica Peters Medina: Washington DC. More details coming soon.

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R. Kelly “Not Guilty” on All Counts of Child Pornography

By Monica Peters Medina

A jury acquitted R&B singer R. Kelly this afternoon on all 14 counts of child pornography. The R&B singer cried as the verdict was being read on each count. The diverse jury panel consisted of a mostly white jury-nine men and three women.

Post your thoughts on the R. Kelly verdict.

Photo credit: (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

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Breaking News: Tim Russert of NBC “Meet the Press” Passes Away

By Monica Peters Medina

NBC’s “Meet the Press” host, Tim Russert, passed away this afternoon. The news veteran suffered a heart attack while recording his voiceovers for his weekly show in the NBC studios this afternoon at 1:30PM. Russert was 58 years old and leaves behind a wife and son Luke who just graduated from Boston College a few days ago.

Post your condolences and prayers to the Russert family.

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Monica Peters Hits New York City Public Schools

Monica Peters hit the NYC Public School System in Harlem to speak with high school students.

The day’s activities consisted of Peters speaking to students from 9th-12th grade including at risk youth about life choices and career options.

Peters three hours visit, of going to various classrooms was a memorable experience. She spoke in intimate settings with honor students as well as teens who have lost interest in graduating high school sharing her own personal experiences about challenges she had to overcome in life. Peters also discussed priorities in life and pressed the importance of graduating high school and charting their career path despite what they see in their neighborhood or obstacles they may be facing at home. Some students expressed their fear about entering the workforce or having a 9-5 job because they may not be able to live a comfortable lifestyle they wish. It is clear that these students are concerned about having a quality life in the future not just surviving.

Since many of the kids already were familiar with, it laid the groundwork for Peters to be very open. “I want them to know that success come from hard work, and to know the obstacles I had to overcome to be here today.” The principle also had Peters go over her website so students can read the daily post for the day and get insight on what it takes to run on a daily basis.

Peters also took the time to inform students not to believe the hype of the glitz and glamour they see on popular television mediums. “Many rappers you see on TV are flat broke or in debt to their record labels. They can’t even afford to buy a home.”

“I’m honored to have been invited, and viewed as someone who is relevant to our youth. Hopefully I changed lives and made a difference.”

Peters will be in New York for more upcoming speaking engagements. Details developing.

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Video Clips: Obama in Philadelphia, Supporters Take City Hall–Why Didn’t This Part Make The News?

by Monica Peters Medina

Barack Obama spoke in Philadelphia at his rally on April 18th a week after “the fixed?” debate that was moderated by Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos of ABC (who also served as the Communications Director for President Bill Clinton during his administration). Whether you support Hilary or Obama, the debate was poorly moderated, possibly one of the worst moderated televised presidential debates in history. A landmard 35,000 Barack Obama supporters merged on 5th & Market Sts. Independence Mall in Philadelphia to hear Obama speak. The amount of supporters filled the entire THREE PARK FIELDS ranging 2-3 city blocks. Will.i.Am performed and warmed the crowd up for Obama on the beautiful Friday evening that was perfect for enjoying the rally and nature. Barack charged the crowd to “declare it’s independence from the politics of Washington.” He gave a phenomenal 20 minute speech. The press came and broadcasted their chosen 15 second sound bite for the media to broadcast around the world.

However, what didn’t make the news is the historic event that took place afterwards. 20 minutes after the rally was over, Obama supporters took to the streets and marched to Philadelphia’s City Hall (appx. 10 city blocks). This was not a planned march. These voters of ALL ethnic and economic backgrounds wanted to let the world know they mean it when they say “WE WANT CHANGE.” Motorists, surprisingly were not upset, they were honking in support of Obama as the supporters kept chanting “O-ba-ma” and “We Want Change.” About 15 minutes into the March, police cars started flashing as supporters reached City Hall. The crowd thought the police were coming to stop the march from reaching City Hall. It was the police escorting Barack and his motorcade through the crowd. Supporters cheered for Obama as his motorcade swiftly drove by the crowd.

Check the video clips of Barack Obama supporters taking Philadelphia’s City Hall and the police helping Obama’s motorcade come through the crowd. Why didn’t this march make the news? (Big ups to ChicanaSkies and Feiwine for posting this great footage on youtube).

CLIP 1: Obama supporters take Philadelphia City Hall (footage by ChicanaSkies)

CLIP 2: This clip is of Obama waving as police clear the crowd for his motorcade to pass through (footage by feinwine)

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India and Whoopi Hitting Broadway

By Monica Peters Medina

India Arie will be hitting Broadway this summer starring in Ntozake Strange‘s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.” The revived production originally on Broadway back in 1976 will be produced by Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg and DreamTeam Entertainment.

The play is a collection of choreopoems that touches on the realities and hardships of being Black and female delving into topics such as rape, abandonment and abortion. The original Broadway version starred Lynn Whitfield, Alfre Woodard, Laurie Carlos and Sarita Allen. and Monica Peters Medina highly recommend you go see this play. In the meantime, the original version is available on DVD.

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Monica Peters Medina

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