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The Great Debaters-A MUST See (Film Trailer Below)

Words from Monica Medina

The Great Debaters hits theaters on Christmas Day. It is based on the true story of Professor Mel Tolson in the 1930’s. Against extreme societal opposition, he formed a small African-American debate team which went on to beat Harvard University at the national championships. This film is a must see. TheGritsnCheeseDish highly recommends. When you are finished viewing this clip, don’t forget to logon to to hear Monica Medina’s exclusive interview with hip hop legend KRS-1 in addition to other great interviews that are posted. KRS-1 comments may surprise many. Have a great weekend. -Monica Medina


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Happy Thanksgiving from Monica Medina

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to show thanks and be grateful for everything that you have-everyday. Don’t take any of your blessings for granted.

Have a great holiday.

-Monica Medina

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Video: Kanye West Suffers Breakdown on Stage

Good Morning Everyone.

Please pray for Kanye West. He had a breakdown on stage in Paris. Keep your head up Kanye. We are all praying for you!

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Stanley Tookie Williams: Blue Rage, Black Redemption. Exclusive Interview Coming to

Monica Medina’s exclusive interview coming to with Barbara Becnel, advocate and executor of Estate for Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Crip founder Stanley Tookie Williams.  “Blue Rage, Black Redemption” a memoir of Stanley Tookie Williams in his own words. Epilogue by Barbara Becnel.  Forward by Tavis Smiley. In stores now.

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10th Annual African American Women In Cinema

Radio personality, author and motivational speaker Monica Medina (see Monica Medina below on Ebony Magazine red carpet. Entry post “Monica Medina Talks About Media Leaks”) was a special invited guest at the 10th Annual AAWIC Conference. The star-studded conference served as vehicle to support African American women in the film industry. The conference re-affirmed African American women and women of color’s presence and impact on the film industry.
The historical and groundbreaking conference opened with a special screening of the film “Talk To Me” starring Don Cheadle with a spectacular tribute to the film’s director Kasi Lemmons, who was in attendance to accept high honors from the AAWIC and the City of New York.

The conference also served as a bonding place for Black women to network, share their experiences and mentor one other. Panels ranged from the Art of the Audition Actors workshop, How to Secure Financing for Films, Women Images and Media to the art of music in film. The panels gave specific information that left conference attendees in awe and wanting more.

Celebrity acting coach to Eve and Busta Rhymes, Tracey Moore-Marable, casting director Sinclair Winsome, music executive, Thembisa Mshaka, Michaela Angela Davis and many more were all in attendance conducting panels and supporting young women of color in the film industry.

For conference participants who are avid movie watchers, new and critically acclaimed films and documentaries were screened.

Sunday capped off the great event with a private Women’s Empowerment Brunch honoring actress Tasha Smith, who plays the outspoken character Angela in Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married.” In her humorous acceptance speech, Tasha made it clear that she won’t sleep around for acting gigs! Integrity and keeping God first are Tasha’s top priorities in life.

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Monica Medina Gets “Kissable Couture” with Forest Whitaker’s Wife!…Keisha Thanks Monica.

Words from Monica Medina


andre-monica-pose-for-photographers.jpgShame on me. Just a catchy headline to capture your attention. Just wanted to share some photos with you all. I was recently invited to a private reception of AJ Crimson and Keisha Whitaker’s (wife of Oscar Winner Forest Whitaker) Kissable Couture lip gloss launch at Henri Bendel’s in New York. It was really nice when Keisha walked over and personally thanked me for my support on and It really feels good when someone acknowledges your support and shows their appreciation.The photo here is me and music mogul Andre Harrell posing for photographers at Keisha and AJ’s party.

Now for the picture of Keisha and me below-I had no make up on. When Keisha wanted to pose for a picture, I wanted to say, “Wait!, I have no make up on.” But I had to seize the moment as they say.




Photo: Monica Medina (l) and Keisha Whitaker (r)

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RIP Dr. West: We Love You


We Love You. We Will Miss Your Presence and Loving Spirit


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American Gangster: Sneak Preview


By Monica Medina 

We attended the pre-screening last night. American Gangster is worth every movie goer’s dollar. What made Frank Lucas different than most drug dealers was that there was literally no middleman.  Lucas would fly to Vietnam to the cocoa fields to order his keys directly from the source and have them flown into the country with assistance from the US government.  The drugs were stashed in the coffins of slain Vietnam soldiers being   returned to the US.  As pointed out in the film many times, it is rare that a Black drug dealers rises to that type of power in the drug game.

American Gangster has some very memorable scenes in the film.  The first scene of the movie begins violently with Denzel setting a rival on fire near the docks.  There is also the  “20%” scene where Denzel Washington, who plays Frank Lucas, murders a former rival in broad daylight.  This lets everyone know that there is a new man in town now that his mentor and boss Bumpy Johnson has passed away.  This is the first scene were we get a true sense of how Lucas will be running things in Harlem.  Unlike, his other rival Nicky Barnes (played by Cuba Gooding, who only gets a small role in the film), Frank Lucas is very low key and shuns away from flashy dressing.  It was a golden rule that Bumpy had taught him.  However since marrying his beautiful wife in the film, they decide to dress flashy attending a Muhammed Ali fight wearing extravagant fur coats.  His expensive wear is what began to put Lucas on the FBI’s radar.  It is also where the dirty cops began to bribe Frank Lucas for his drug revenue, requesting ten thousand dollars each month from his new found thriving drug empire. 

Lucas also incorporates his brothers and cousins into his thriving drug business, moving them and the family from the Carolinas into a beautiful mansion in the New York, New Jersey area.  His family sets up legitimate businesses in each of New York City’s five bureaus.  However, Lucas’ treatment of his brothers is harsh and cruel.  No preferential treatment is given because they are family.  He often threatens to kill them throughout the film.  I must admit I had some concerns that this film would glorify drug dealers and perhaps inspire some youth to enter into the drug game.  I guess that is up to the viewer to decide.   My only gripe with this film is that it does not go into depth about the generations of Black families that were killed due to drug addiction or violence and the devastation that it brought to the Black community due to Lucas’ drug game.  We can only wonder why Hollywood and underground filmmakers are not eager to make a film or documentary about that.



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