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Video Clips: Obama in Philadelphia, Supporters Take City Hall–Why Didn’t This Part Make The News?

by Monica Peters Medina

Barack Obama spoke in Philadelphia at his rally on April 18th a week after “the fixed?” debate that was moderated by Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos of ABC (who also served as the Communications Director for President Bill Clinton during his administration). Whether you support Hilary or Obama, the debate was poorly moderated, possibly one of the worst moderated televised presidential debates in history. A landmard 35,000 Barack Obama supporters merged on 5th & Market Sts. Independence Mall in Philadelphia to hear Obama speak. The amount of supporters filled the entire THREE PARK FIELDS ranging 2-3 city blocks. Will.i.Am performed and warmed the crowd up for Obama on the beautiful Friday evening that was perfect for enjoying the rally and nature. Barack charged the crowd to “declare it’s independence from the politics of Washington.” He gave a phenomenal 20 minute speech. The press came and broadcasted their chosen 15 second sound bite for the media to broadcast around the world.

However, what didn’t make the news is the historic event that took place afterwards. 20 minutes after the rally was over, Obama supporters took to the streets and marched to Philadelphia’s City Hall (appx. 10 city blocks). This was not a planned march. These voters of ALL ethnic and economic backgrounds wanted to let the world know they mean it when they say “WE WANT CHANGE.” Motorists, surprisingly were not upset, they were honking in support of Obama as the supporters kept chanting “O-ba-ma” and “We Want Change.” About 15 minutes into the March, police cars started flashing as supporters reached City Hall. The crowd thought the police were coming to stop the march from reaching City Hall. It was the police escorting Barack and his motorcade through the crowd. Supporters cheered for Obama as his motorcade swiftly drove by the crowd.

Check the video clips of Barack Obama supporters taking Philadelphia’s City Hall and the police helping Obama’s motorcade come through the crowd. Why didn’t this march make the news? (Big ups to ChicanaSkies and Feiwine for posting this great footage on youtube).

CLIP 1: Obama supporters take Philadelphia City Hall (footage by ChicanaSkies)

CLIP 2: This clip is of Obama waving as police clear the crowd for his motorcade to pass through (footage by feinwine)


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