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Monica Returns from the United Nations, AIDS High Level Meeting, NYC

African Nations Speak Out

New York, NY: Monica Peters Medina returned from the United Nations High Level Meeting on AIDS in NYC. The three day conference brought in nations from around the world addressing the UN Chair on AIDS issues, universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment, gender equality and more.

Many countries were in attendance with a heavy presence of African nations discussing the need for civilian involvement when planning for AIDS treatment and alloting financial resources to nations hit hardest by the epidemic. Many nations addressed government corruption and human rights violations as a barrier to slowing down the growing AIDS crisis. A Namibian representative made her demand very clear when addressing the UN Chair and board: Put human rights stipulations as a condition on monies given to governments to ensure funds are used properly.

Zambian officials raised the question of why African leaders are not included on international AIDS committees. There were also many HIV positive African women in attendance who spoke on the floor addressing gender inequality and how African women with AIDS are treated in their countries. One Namibian woman stated that marriage is a death sentence for many African women as they do not have the right to refuse sex with their husbands despite their infidelities and becoming re-infected with the HIV virus.

**Next Stop for Monica Peters Medina: Washington DC. More details coming soon.


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