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Listen to Monica Peters Medina interview with director BILL DUKE & actor RAZ ADOTI now on! COVER in theaters now.



You saw him on The Tavis Smiley Show, now South African journalist JONNY STEINBERG talks to Monica Medina from New York about his new book and why some South African’s are refusing HIV testing and AIDS treatment. Listen to the exclusive interview on
PLUS interviews with filmmaker Marco Williams, authors Donna Grant & Virginia DeBerry and Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown only on

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New York, NY: Monica Medina is a radio personality, writer (and poet who has opened for John Legend), motivational speaker, producer and lots more.

Some of you may know her from her occasional commentaries on XM Satellite radio or from her own popular radio show on the FM dial. “I’m currently working on my debut book coming out next year.”, Medina says. Many people ask me, “What is the book going to be about? For now, I have to keep the details of my book top secret until I’m permitted to speak about it.” Medina states that the book is not what folks are expecting but readers will thoroughly enjoy it. “I have not shared with anyone what the book will be about. Those who did ask, got a “bogus” answer from me. However, those who thought they knew what the book would be about leaked information to the media. So I’m laying low, until I get the green light.”

Picture: Monica Medina poses for photographers at Ebony Magazine white carpet event, NY. (Photo: K. Flurt)





Chinese authorities have temporarily banned Will Smith’s “I Am Legend.” Chinese authorities have put a 3-month ban on all American films to protect the local film industry. Will Smith has personally met with China Film Group’s chairperson Han Sanping to attempt to secure a release date, but to no avail. Chinese authorities are backpedaling on saying that “I Am Legend” is banned, but is under review.


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