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HANCOCK Movie Review: Good Film… Sequel Should be in Order

By Monica Peters Medina

Starring: Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron

Directed by Peter Berg

I attended the advanced private screening of Hancock tonight (Monday June 23). I know what you’re thinking: Will Smith in another science fiction movie— another “Men in Black” type deal. But, Big Willie has outdone himself with another summer blockbuster hit in the new action pack humorous superhero flick, “Hancock.” This is not a typical science fiction movie. The film has a solid plot that will leave moviegoers anticipating a Hancock sequel. Will Smith’s character “Hancock” is not your average superhero flaunting his arrogant care-free attitude with a bottle of liquor as his constant companion of choice to ease his pain of loneliness. He is a recluse who lives in isolation in the hills wondering about his past and why he has no family. Hancock doesn’t even have a clue as to how he inherited his powers. His character is timeless and ageless and adapts to whatever era or century that he exists. The movie starts with non-stop action and laughs as Hancock is the unofficial hero of Los Angeles that comes to save the day and stop potential tragedies and crimes in progress—much to the chagrin of the Los Angeles police department who often look bad and inadequate. His reckless but well intentioned heroics costs the city millions of dollars as the collateral property damage Hancock often leaves behind is enormous. Hancock’s mysterious presence is met with bittersweet reaction as folks either love him or hate him. The fact that Hancock refuses to talk to the press and prefers to hang out in bars doesn’t help.

However, this is only a portion of the story line. The film takes unexpected twists and turns which pushes it into the realm of a bona-fide science fiction film with credibility. Hancock’s chance meeting with business executive Ray Embrey played by Jasonn Bateman unknowingly sets him on the path to discovering his past and origin of his powers. Hancock accidentally finds his soul mate–literally through his chance meeting with Ray and that is where things get VERY interesting. Besides revamping Hancock’s public image and convincing him to do some time in prison for some of his misdeeds, Ray saves Hancock’s life in more ways than one. Ray’s wife played by Charlize Theron is less than thrilled by Hancock’s presence in her husband’s life. Let’s just say you never know where your true soul mate is hiding or even if they are standing right in front of you! I’ll stop here because you’ll be too mad if I give away the film.

Let’s just say a well anticipated Hancock sequel is in order.

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Monica Peters Medina


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